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What was it for you? What was it that drew you to fly fishing? Here’s how you can help protect fly fishing for future generations:

Now more than ever the fly fishing community needs your financial support as the future of our sport is threatened by policies adversely affecting both habitat and opportunities to fly fish. Your financial support is greatly appreciated as Fly Fishers International (FFI) serves as the only voice for fly fishers of all fish and all waters.

FFI's mission is to support, enhance and preserve fly fishing opportunities through conservation, education, and community. These pillars collectively provide the foundation of our vision for the future of fly fishing — a future in which anglers have continuing opportunities to fly fish in healthy and productive waters; in which learning never stops; artistry is not forgotten; and we recognize the true value of camaraderie. Consistent with our mission, FFI is currently engaged in several important projects to preserve and promote the sport of fly fishing. Our efforts include:

  • Teaming with conservation partners, defending policies to protect clean water, healthy fisheries habitat and fly fishing opportunities.
  • Financial and volunteer support for conservation projects protecting habitat for all fish in all waters.
  • Grant support for club and council conservation and education projects.
  • Development of The Learning Center offering world class fly fishing curriculum to novice, intermediate and advanced fly fishers.
  • Supporting fly fishing programs for younger anglers through college clubs, scholarships and fellowships.

Please support Fly Fishers International today with your tax-deductible contribution. Your financial support will directly assist FFI in the delivery of these conservation and education programs- all designed to help preserve the sport we all love and enjoy.